Blue Period?


Selfie on the Blue….I can’t stop shooting this blue stuff, I love it!!  More below from Jessi June and Vaunt – all three on the same paper.



5 Responses

  1. Is that you in the last photo? I hardly recognize you! I like the effect, though.

    You look great in the first photo, but I think I would have added a light on top. I’m not sure what mood you are going for in the shot, but the effect is jolting & a bit unsettling, like you’ve been caught in a car’s headlights. You are clearly lit from face to toe, so someone put thought and effort into the lighting.

  2. Loving the Blue period/sessions, it looks good on or around you.

  3. Love the lighting, seems to add drama to image…Tom

  4. Hey!
    You’v got extremly entertaining blog and beautiful photos 🙂
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