I know this is done and done but I’m continually inspired to ask ‘TF What?’ In response to ‘TF’ requests.

The vast majority of the time we mean some form of photos. Sometimes we mean time. Other arrangements are also possible, but it boils down to bartering: a way to work without currency. We have something of value to each other, or our combined talents can produce something we both value.

The bottom line: I get mine, you get yours.

But stuff hits my inbox every now and then that really leaves me scratching my head. Someone will ask me to work ‘TF’ on something really strange, way outside of the range of useful portfolio material. And I always think….TF What? Even if I never took a ‘paid with money’ job, the term TF that means ‘we both get something’. Why not just ask me to work for free, as this seems to be more in line with the offer.

Asking someone to work TF should not mean cutting someone a break or doing someone a favor.

Phrasing not likely to change my response, but at least I wouldn’t be so confused. 😉

2 Responses

  1. So, is the deal with the potatoes on or off?

  2. We need to do a TFCC shoot (Trade For Caramel Corn)

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