Backup to Gmail

File this one away under stuff that impresses the hell out of me.

My early generation android was struggling to function under a load of 12K+ text messages among other things.  Highly valuing information I’m loathe to delete old texts, even when my phone is moving at a glacial pace.  But my annoyance with my poorly functioning phone was mounting and I began searching for a solution.

Synching seemed to be the thing I needed to do. Being a Mac user I’ve never bothered to sync my phone and computer together.  I now understand there’s an ap for this, but in my experience it didn’t work.  I’m moderately tech savy and while I could make my devices see each other, I could not make them talk.

Never having synched, I didn’t know that its pretty much only good for contacts and maybe moving pictures around.  I’ve been made to understand that your ordinary sync does not include SMS etc.

For this there are aps like SMS Backup but even this ap merely backs up your texts.  As in…if your phone goes boom you have an xml file on your SD card that you can use to restore the texts to your phone.  I desperately needed this data off my phone though.  For this and for general awesomeness I cannot more highly recommend Backup to Gmail. This may be the best $1.99 I’ll ever spend.

This ap copies all of your SMS, MMS, and call history into your gmail under a corresponding label.  Meaning your texts are now quickly accessible and searchable via the same search you use for the rest of your email.  Can I get a hell yeah!?

I’m a little late on this bandwagon, I figured I’d do my bit to help the rest of you hobble out of the cave!

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  1. Whatsa android?

    Just kidding, but not by much; I use the cheapest, most basic cell phone I can (and I’ve never deleted the tms, either).

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