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I’ve wanted to post about this forever!

Many moons ago I worked with in Brooks Ayola in LA. He works commercially but also shoots beautiful portraits. We made a few, had a wonderful time shooting and all that jazz.

Brooks shoots some of his portraits using a view camera. He asked me a few months ago for a sentence or two on what it was like posing for a photographer using a view camera and, never one for brevity (except on Twitter!), I sent back an essay on the topic. It ran in View Camera Magazine a few months ago as part of an article featuring Brooks’ portraits.

Check out the article here and let me know what you think!

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  1. My cousin is a London based photographer. His last 2 assistants weren’t even taught about the process involved in shooting on film (like having your own dark room).

    I must say I shot a short film on s16 and the pain of dealing with a post production facility means I will probably never shoot on film in the future.

    Anyhoo, love the blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Insightful as always, Jess.

    It would be amusing to see you photographed using some of the original methods, such as wet plate collodian. Here is a video by a photographer who makes his own wet plates, explaining the process:

  3. Jess,

    If you are not writing professionally, you should be.

    I am sure you have been told this before: hopefully you have kept a diary of all your shoots over the years, would make for an interesting non-fiction book one day. Its title would be a no brainer.


    • Thanks! I’ve thought about some sort of non fiction, many photographers have suggested it. I’m not sure how marketable it would be, though. I have a novel cooking inside me, I’m just not sure what its about yet!

  4. Jessica, you are a very thoughtful person. You clearly think a great deal about your craft, which makes you quite special — you have beauty outside and inside, and brains to boot.

    The camera, quite clearly, loves you

    As for the novel: Write about what you know. Perhaps some sort of suspense or mystery series that revolves around the modeling/fashion industry.

    And best of luck to you with your university studies.

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