Otherwise, the trip has been great!

A few days later…cancels on original bookings are hovering around 80%.  You must be thinking, ‘that is reeffingdiculous’ or something like that and I completely agree.

I filled a few of the spots last minute, but time was burned.  Que sera sera…this is not a post about cancels.

This is a post about the rest.  I had the BEST few days of shooting with the people who actually followed through.  I’ve been working with inspired individuals who have direction in their work.  They also take a lot of joy from it.  Whatever the subject matter, this approach usually yields my favorite type of shoot.  Explosive creativity, a real artistic connection…a miniature love affair with the process.  The images are the afterglow.

A few people I want to mention:  Kyle AKA Nothing Butt Naked in Jacksonville.  The man is a creative factory.  He tells me he’s ‘not a photographer’ but instead an artist.  Whatever he is – we worked for almost 10 hours and he never ran out of ideas.  He’s having trouble getting models to Jacksonville….ladies I highly recommend!  He’ll be working on images for months and months, but some things you may see include me covered in spaghetti noodles, exploding champagne, mountains of toilet paper, and like a million other things.

My old friend Chuck St. John in Birmingham.  He’s been around since the beginning of my glam career and graciously hosted me again.  We did a very quick set and produced this beauty:

My friend Kevin in Melbourne….he’s crazy but in a good artistic/brilliant/savanty kind of way.  I think next time we need a producer on set, because even as I tried to be the lead balloon to his unbridled creativity, I couldn’t help getting a little carried away too!  Some of his feelings:

“OK, from a purely practical point of view… we’re talking business here, right? Actual $$$ value.

– You did your own hair and make-up, every bit as well as my MUA/stylist would have done (Your hair was gorgeous btw, thank you for taking the time to do that) and you didn’t charge me for the time!

– You give as much in an hour as I’d get from another model, even a pro, in two hours.

– You have an awesome face and figure, sure. Even more than what you have is all you do with it though! You have so much creative energy I get a lot more good images, great images, with everything we do. A lot of our images I’d never would have come up with on my own. You take my ideas and just run with them!

Why would a photographer work with anyone else!?!?!? Anytime you’re here I’d like to work with you and I hope you feel the same about me in some small way!”

Some of our mania:

Others…Jay Strong in Tampa.  His passion for styling is unrivaled.  He had 8 complete outfits planned for me and wouldn’t begin to shoot until each piece was in place to the millimeter.  His attention to detail is unmatched.  Glamor by Jim, also in the Tampa area  – he’s been shooting beautiful glamor for longer than I’ll reveal and he’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.  Came with ideas and wardrobe and was thrilled to be shooting – I thrive on enthusiasm!!  He had another model booked that day, but she didn’t show, so we just kept on shooting!  Mickey Rountree in Chattanooga who let me light stuff on fire.  Scott McLeod in Birmingham with his funny glasses and Fat Sam’s, of course!

I won’t say its better all these guys cancelled, but those that are sticking around are the best!  I haven’t had an ordinary shoot this entire trip.  Maybe the Southeast is just a little bi-polar.   This is a little stressful and unpredictable, perhaps like having a person in your life with bi-polar disorder, but it all balances out in the end.

So to the photographers who stuck around…anyone who worked with me in the last ten days:  Thank you! You’ve captured my interest, given me an occasion to rise to, and I will always remember our experiences fondly.

2 Responses

  1. Beautiful work, Jess. You certainly do make it easy to shoot beautiful images.

  2. Thanks to this particular blog entry, “savanty” is now my new favorite word….


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