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Preface:  This post is coming from scientist Jess.  Remarks disparaging evolution will make me think funny things about you.  Any suggestions regarding Jesus, spirituality, The Easter Bunny, higher power(s), Holy Krishnas, and/or myveryfavorite ‘intelligent design’ will be laughed at the same way people laugh at kittens.

Humans are bits of protein directed by genes to take shape and form function.  Via evolution/natural selection the traits modern humans possess have been refined from ancient man.  The process expanded on…if an ancient human lived long enough to reproduce, his genes were passed on, thereby passing along the traits that allowed him to survive over other slightly different ancient men, who died before they reproduced.

Further, the intelligence we have today exists because it was required of us to survive.  The capacity to learn exists because humans who couldn’t learn, or learned too slowly, or were unable to predict their future circumstances died.  IE…’I shouldn’t go north because its going to be winter soon and I’ll freeze’ or ‘I don’t remember there being any water in places similar to this one, so we probably shouldn’t live here.’  Failing to act intelligently in these situations would result in diminished reproductive capacity, either because the less intelligent person didn’t make it to sexual maturity, or because their progeny weren’t as well cared for as the progeny of the more intelligent, who figured out how to live easier/better.

Basically we are they way we are because everything else failed.

Therefore, evolution only demands we be smart enough to survive and make babies.  Think about it.  Which in modern times, isn’t very hard to do.  Our biological imperative is easily accomplished.  So what’s all this extra smart?  Why do we have the mental capacity to figure out physics, dabble in art, read, write, question our own intelligence?  There isn’t any biological advantage to having these smarts, which appear to be in great excess to what is needed for eat/breath/sleep/fuck.  Humanists always toss these grand ideas around about using our capacity to improve humanity and blah blah.  But evolution is going to mold humanity whether we idealize or not.  And the reality is, all the great stuff smart people are doing has very little impact on eat/breath/sleep/fuck.

Conclusion:  If your smarts are in excess of the above mentioned e/b/s/f…quit worrying about making the world a better place or  making humans better people.  In the extremely grand scheme of things your efforts will be futile.  Use what extra you’ve developed to make your life a little easier and happier – any way that makes sense to you.

On a slightly different note I think average human intelligence may have peaked.  Outliers will always exist, and probably continue to depart further from the trend.  In modern times e/b/s/f is almost a given.  Certainly, very little thought is required to accomplish these tasks.  Therefore, someone who might not have been intelligent enough to survive a millennium ago is now capable of living to sexual maturity and in all likelihood passing on their inferior genetic material many times over.  Statistics support…more highly educated higher income individuals are less likely to have children than their lower income, less educated peers.  In a nutshell, smart people aren’t breeding as much so their genetic info isn’t surviving.  Stupid carries on….and then what?  Ugg ugg!!

3 Responses

  1. watch the movie Idiocracy. 🙂

  2. Recently Representative John Shimkus, the man most likely to become head of the House Energy Commerce Committee, explained away climate change with biblical quotes at a Congressional investigative hearing. Surely a man as astute as that couldn’t be mistaken, a man supported by the electoral majority of his district in Illinois! I’ll have to ask him about the e/b/s/f thing though.

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