The Cold

As a model cold is my Achilles Heel. I hate being cold. Less than 60 degrees F for more than 20 minutes or so and I am not a happy camper. Winter comes every year and I feel like I’ll never be warm again.

Some models are really good at cold, they sacrifice all and bare their bodies to the elements. I’m not one of those models. Heat – great. Dirt – awesome. Water – love it. (Any one feeling the theme from Captain Planet here? Earth! Fire! Wind….) Anyway, point is I’m generally amazing I just really don’t like the cold. And being from Texas cold is defined loosely. I have been known to pose sprawled on frozen rivers and I have endured ‘studios’ with temperatures hovering in the mid 40’s, but it pleases me not.

I had two thoughts for handling this winter, my third and a naked model chick:

1) go to Australia December – April or so. A short lived thought since this would mean bailing on school for the semester and (as my loyal readers know) I’m ALMOST flippin’ done!

2) Set a sliding scale payment system relative to temperature. Example: Say my standard rate is $10/hr. From November to April, anyone who wants to shoot me in temperatures 75+ degrees F pays $8/hr. Anyone wanting to shoot 60- 74 degrees F pays $10/hr and anyone wanting to shoot in temperatures less than 60 degrees F pays $14/hr. A little complex I know, but I might just end up with warmer shoots!!!

Mostly just funny, but perhaps worth some consideration.

2 Responses

  1. I will make sure the studio is nice and toasty when we shoot!

  2. You are right to finish your studies.

    Australia will be here for you when you are done!

    Be careful what you wish for, it can be very hot (and humid on the coast) here in January!!

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