(Blatantly) Stuff I Want

A reference for myself, (so I don’t forget) and for people who want to give me stuff. To be updated.

Largish Posing Blocks, preferably white.  2 ft cubed and up.  Could also be rectangular or other odd shape.
Silver/Gold reflectors, small circular or square or large rectangular.
Boom or other stand arrangement for overhead lighting.
These Pants.
Remotes – both remote flash trigger and remote shutter devices.
Undecided – Mid range lens. I have a 17-35 2.8- 3.5 variable and a 70-200 f4. Sell me on something in between for a Cannon.

I may or may not be amenable to trading for these items. If I’m out of town on a 4 day trip, probably not. Obviously size is a concern.

One Response

  1. Got the small circular reflector covered. You can pick it up on the 25th.

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