What Glam Girl is Complete Without Her Very Own…


Thanks to Corwin for the referral…you may notice a few similarities in his site and mine, because they were crafted by the same man: meet Jason Wagner. I almost don’t want to share his info with you guys because I want to be the only one with a site this cool, but he did such an awesome job with the site, I gotta give him props!

When I initially contacted Jason about my site, he said it would take him a few weeks to get it going and I think he had a mock up for me the next day or something – he’s a master of exceeding expectations. The site was built exactly to my very nontechnically phrased specifications, with a few extra bells and whistles I hadn’t even thought of. Plus, the back end is totally manageable. I never felt weird about sharing my ideas and opinions and I feel like I got excellent creative help as well, which I desperately needed. Jason was also really good about giving me a low-tech rephrase on certain things I didn’t understand about the process, so he’s fluent in both human and computer speak!

Hats off and thank you very very much!

Everyone else….go check out my site!!!

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  1. Love the new site.

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