A Morning on Mount Tamalpais (Tam)

Following a slow summer (due to several scheduling snafus) I booked a last minute trip to California. Mostly I worked in Silicon Valley, some work in Sacramento and a big job in LA I’ll post about later.

My lesson on this trip – longer travel time pays big. This August was the best month in my career, thanks to Fetcon and my extended travel in CA. I was only there a week, three days longer than my normal trip, but it made a huge difference. I know this is kind of obtuse, but I really have to start staying strange places for longer. School gets in the way, it just started last week and limits my travel to Friday – Monday apart from breaks. I’m getting so close to the end now I’m just kinda grinding it out. I had to turn down so many cool offers including traveling to Bonneville in September and St. Martin in December in favor of going to school this semester – its kind of bumming me out! BUT! After this semester I’ll only have 11 classes left to take. Its the age old dilemma for us model types. I could easily double my earnings if school weren’t in the way, but then I still wouldn’t be done with school. As it is, I’m doing both kind of half ass.

Anyway…blog not about school! About, my wonderful morning on Mount Tam near Golden Gate Park. I worked with Dan West. It was a horrible day in the Bay Area so we decided to go up the mountain, where it was sunny and gorgeous. We had a wonderful time shooting. Below are images we both shot, those featuring me he took, and the landscapes are mine.

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