Glamtastic Website

I want one up in the next 6 months. Preferably yesterday.

I’ll pay cash and/or barter modeling time. I’m accepting bids for this…read on and see my example links.  Please send examples of your work.

The Immediate No’s:

-I’m not interested in being part of an umbrella, ie no “” or “”.

-No paysites/member sites/partnerships.  If it sells anything it will be my own merchandise, and this will be much later down the road since I don’t currently have any merchandise.

Beyond that…

-I’ll provide the domain, and probably my own hosting, but I may need a bit of technical guidance setting up the hosting.

-Impressive graphic design featuring one or a few of my images and name for an eye catching main page.  I’m not a fan of thick borders, boxes of different colors, underlines, etc.  Think sleek and streamlined.

-Link to a gallery that I can update without contacting a webmaster.

-Link to basic autobiographical info/stats, ideally that I can update without contacting a webmaster.

-Some type of ‘contact me’ form.

-Perhaps incorporation of this blog.

-Perhaps a section of video, but I’m not sure how to organize or maintain this.
Sites I like:

I’ll add more here as I find them.  I also have several sites I specifically DON’T like, which I will send any serious contenders. 😉

2 Responses

  1. Sent your info to a friend of mine who does web sites.

  2. My only niche is interior design. One day when your bigger than big. I would love to remodel your home. By the way, Lucille rocks…

    Gesseppe H.

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