I want…

Showers in airports.  Locker room style.  Anyone ever seen this?

Think about it – you check in, get through security.  Sometimes you have an hour or more before your plane is going to board.  You can get lunch, a pedicure, massage, whatever – why not a shower?  If I’m heading home from where ever, chances are I’m going to have sex.  Why not freshen up before the flight?  I’d pay as much as 5 bucks for a shower, locker, towel, hairdryer combo.  The vendor could sell soap and razors and stuff like concessions for extra money.

2 Responses

  1. Heck yeah, I’ve wondered this, also. I think it’s a brilliant idea, and hell, half of the airports I visit are always under construction anyways. Why not just add some nice shower stalls (separate of the bathrooms – I don’t wanna be smelling poo while I’m trying to get clean!).

  2. i guess paying $50 for a day pass to the AA Admirals Club is too much! they’ve got showers and more!!!

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