Voice Mail

I’m so over it!

My voicemail box is currently full, therefore no one can leave me any more messages. Gone are the days of digging through a pile of idiotic rambling to get to the information I actually need.

People are passively bitching at me about this. “and by the way your voicemail is full.” No way!! Like my phone isn’t constantly alerting/begging me to get my messages??? ZOMG…its on purpose!

Here are my communication preferences, in order.
Instant message
Fed EX
Snail Mail
This is the spot where voicemail would go if I actually considered it to be a viable option.

Seriously? You leave me a message and get zero feedback as you spend time talking, usually in an unorganized manner since you were expecting to actually speak to me. Then I’m supposed to call you back after I’ve manually taken notes that I now have no permanent record of to discuss the matter with you when in all likelihood I’ll just get your voicemail…to which I respond in kind…REALLLLY? If we’re going to spend the time talking, lets do it with each other – not with our respective machines. It is SUCH a waste of time.

Communication is done more effectively almost any other way.

That said…I will return ALL my missed calls unless I’m avoiding you, so leaving a “Hi its me, call me back” does me no good (except for the 10 of those I have in place as the blockade on my voicemail) and it wastes a) the time you spend leaving a redundant message (since I already see your missed call) and b) the time I spend checking your redundant message. ALSO I cannot skim your voicemail for the info that actually matters to me, but I can skip the parts of your email or other written communication that are irrelevant. Time is Money.

If you have information I need and no conversation is necessary, then why are you calling me in the first place? Send me an email or text so that I can actually reference this info later. Most of us read much faster than words can be spoken, so receiving a message via email is inherently faster than voicemail. Also, I’m constantly referencing old emails for information that is still pertinent that I would have no access to if I received the info over the phone/voicemail.

I’d like to point out that some form of voicemail has been in use in the US for almost 80 years. And it probably served the very vital “Hi its me” function very well until 1974 when caller ID was patented in the US. Caller ID forward, IMO, voicemail is obsolete, cumbersome, and just plain annoying. I’m opting out. I have an appointment with Verizon soon – I’m seeing if they’ll turn it all the way off instead of just leaving it full.

2 Responses

  1. WOW, I thought I was the only one. Rarely does a day go by during which I am not scolded for not checking voicemail. It’s a massive waste of time in my opinion. Well worded!

  2. That deserves a standing ovation! Very well said! I personally avoid phones for a variety of reasons. If voice mail is your only option, at least be clear and concise. Odds are I don’t need to know which street corner you’re calling me from as you likely won’t be there when I get back to you.

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