Letting Go

Every now and then life gives us a wake up call before the shit seriously hits the fan.

I got one of those last Thursday, and I’m so glad! I was upset at first, but given a little time to absorb the message, I think I’m really going to come out better for it.

Forced to evaluate my priorities, its a lot easier to let go of the little things and to be true to myself. Life can quickly bog us down in trivialities.

Specifically – I’m in love with a man who I’ve almost driven away by my minor flirtations with insanity. And to this I now say, ‘breathe, relax.’ So many of the things I was doing to bother him sincerely don’t matter to me, and were actually making me unhappy too. I don’t care where he is, what he does, who he befriends, or about the daily status of our relationship. I care that he loves me, but sometimes I forget that its that simple. Must put a string around my finger….or start drinking more!

These are all things I’ve been ‘working on’ for months and months – but just like any other commitment, its not real until you make it firmly your lifestyle. Now its do or die…one last shot at being the cool chick I actually am.

Blog it, and it must be so!

One Response

  1. Patience. Wisdom will come with age. You are still very young.

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