Your Not So Relative Location

Unlike 100 years from now when our locations will merely be projections of our mood or whim, as transient and fleeting as perfume, geography presently matters.

IF I am coming to ‘your city’ ie Houston or Kansas city AND you book me, I will ASSUME you actually live IN or NEAR that city, not somewhere an hour and a half+ away like Beaumont or Columbia, respectively.  If you make it clear that you expect me to come to one of these outlying cities, we can negotiate that, but telling me days before the shoot ‘oops, I’m two hours away’ is NOT acceptable.  People of Beaumont:  You do not live in Houston.  People of San Diego:  You do not live in LA.  People of anywhere but KansasFucking City MO, you DO NOT LIVE IN KCMO!!!

I plan an hour of travel time between each shoot, so this little oopsie means I have to rejuggle at least one shoot, but usually its a ripple effect.  Also, I wonder, If you were in a city not your own like Chicago, say, and you decided to use public transit instead of renting a car, how would you get to Gary or Indianapolis?? How? HOW?

I know you want me to come there, and I want to come to you also, but lets be up front about it.  Do you really want me to spend 4 hours driving for our two hour booking?

One Response

  1. God, I love your honesty. That’s the real “cherry on top”, in addition to your talent, beauty and “acting skillz”.

    I’ve had the same thing happen to me with “Kansas City” models who live out in Manhattan(2+ hours away) and want me to come to them with little or no notice of location…..See you Sunday (and btw…we really are working in Kansas City…..)

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