Road Trippin’

I’m on spring break from school, and lacking anything better to do I made the shockingly original decision to go to South Padre and catch some rays.

I grabbed a job in Austin on the way down. South by Southwest is happening now and I was working on location downtown – lots of foot traffic and lookie lous!  The photographer I was shooting with had never done a location shoot – I assured him that the rest of them would be much easier!!

Headed south to Rio Hondo after that, which is a very small town about an hour north of the island.  My boyfriend’s mom and brother reside here, along with their horse, goat, llama, cat and two dogs.  It was mostly a family visit, but we did go to the island yesterday for some spring break activities.  I’m 25 and I’ve been in college since I was 18 and I’ve never been to spring break – figured it was about time! I didn’t even realize it was St. Patrick’s day until I found myself immersed in a sea of green…I observed that I probably couldn’t really call myself a college student since I wasn’t aware of the festivities!

Its not what it used to be, I’m told, but it was still a lot of underage drunk kids wandering around in swim suits looking for anything their respective sex parts correspond with.  I was cold…left the car in a hoodie and jeans, only stripping down when I found some shelter from the wind.  Apparently a few cocktails makes you immune to the cold, because I was wearing more clothing than any 10 girls picked at random combined. 😉

Somewhere near Beeville, which is between San Antonio and Corpus on the back roads my boyfriend and I found a beautiful field full of flowers.  We stopped to shoot some, which is something we often do.  I’m super jealous of him because he always has the benefit of a gorgeous model with awesome wardrobe…and I just have him!!

I left Rio Hondo today for Houston, where I’m working with my favorite guys over at Skyline Studios.

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