I barely rolled out of bed this morning in time for my 11:30 class.  Why?  Because I was at the movie theater until 2 AM last night, seeing Avatar again.

I love this movie.  Its the only movie I’ve ever seen more than once in a theater.  I hope to go see it one or two more times before its off the big screen.  There’s a lot of hype both ways about Avatar – people love it, people hate it.  I’ve tried to stay away from the reviews and criticisms because I don’t want my happy punched full of holes!  I sit in my seat and smile the entire 3 hours, and my heart races – not from the action or suspense, but because I’m so thrilled with the entire visual experience.   Its a high that carries me all the way home until I close my eyes for the night.

No expense is spared.  I go to the Imax and see it 3D.  Avatar is the best 3D movie I have ever seen.  Even if there were no words or plot, Avatar would still be a complete delight to watch.  I get so totally lost in the artistry.  Most movies I’ve seen in “3D” were sort of incidentally 3D.  An occasional bubble or car or other single item would be 3D, and everyone in the theater would ooooh and ahhh at the effect.  Avatar is groundbreaking in this – you feel like you are there for the entire movie.  And this especially appeals to my inner dork, who adores the notion of flying on dragon like creatures through floating mountains and phosphorescent jungles.

Some say the plot is overdone or unoriginal.  I agree, but so what?  It was well executed and a nice compliment to the warm fuzzies you feel just looking at it.

Avatar is a landmark, and a film you definitely don’t want to miss.  Hurry up and go see it before they pull it to make room for Alice in Wonderland…which also looks intriguing!

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