The Numbers are in!

Prepping for my taxes this year:

$3200 in airfare
$1000 in hotels
$1100 in rental cars

I haven’t figured gas and food yet. And I’m trying to decide if I should count my rent, since I live in my studio. And I know clothes and stuff are always iffy. Whether I count it or not, it would be interesting to know how much I spent.

The figure that amazes me the most? I drove over 11,000 miles just for trips, not counting driving to my local destinations, and not counting driving in the target cities. Just Dallas to Where Everville and back again.

Eleven. Thousand. Miles. Just for road trips. I used to drive less than that in a whole year!

Considering what a pain in the ass it was to dig up these numbers, I decided to do a better job logging all this in oh10. Its really been helpful – I have most of my travel through April planned and paid for, and I have very few openings in my schedule. I like being ‘booked.’ Also, I couldn’t help but notice through April I will only spend two nights in a hotel, despite visiting 8 cities in those 4 months. Thanks to all the MMers hosting me!

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