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***2/27/12 NOTE! Much of this I can no longer vouch for as SE is a thing of the past and cyber is getting totally revamped.  I  don’t know much about the new direction, so do your homework.  Some  of my advice here stands:  find someone who actually shoots for Playboy, try to get them interested, shoot beautiful casting photos that clearly show your body.   Expect to shoot lots of video if you are chosen.  I have no idea what’s going on with castings these days.  You can still submit online or via mail.***



“How did you get published by Playboy?”  One of the most common questions to land in my inbox.  The answer is long and only my own opinion.  I do not claim any actual authority on the subject.

My Path: I shot some really nice glamor nude images with Marc Grant in Kansas City, MO.  He sent them in to a contact he has at Playboy, who thought I’d be a good candidate for  I was flown to LA where I participated in an event called ‘the content summit’ which no longer exists.  At the content summit, ~10 models are flown in to work with 5 or 6 photographers, a handful of videographers, and a full styling team at a mansion or equivalent.  I shot with Kim Mizuno, Sal De Re, Jarmo Pohjaniemi, Ric Moore, Josh Ryan, and two videographers.  It was a long but fun day.  They cover your expenses, but the actual model fee is nothing outrageous.

I’m from Dallas, and in the course of the day I discovered that Ric Moore also lives in Dallas.  I decided he would be a good person for me to know, so about a month after my first shoot with Playboy, I sent him an email.  I started working for him, planning and facilitating his studio.  In addition to shooting at the content summit, most of these guys are also contributing photographers for Playboy Special Editions, and some Pictorials in the main issue, both of which are run through entirely different offices. So, Ric needed a girl to shoot, sent casting shots of me in to his editor, and it was decided that I would be shot for Special Editions.   This is a much smaller scale production.  A photographer and his assistant, producer, makeup artists, videographer and the model.  We shot 3 looks with video that day, all of which ran in different issues of the Special Edition in 2009.   Again, its a long fun day and the actual model fee is modest.  Several months later, the same thing happened and I was shot again.

Your Path: When girls write to me about ‘getting in to Playboy’ the first thing I recommend is going to a casting I didn’t go to a casting, but I know lots of girls are found for SE at the castings, and they do get hired for work.  If a casting isn’t convenient to you, read on.

The next thing I suggest is submitting your pictures. Use BOTH the snail mail and email option.  Keep doing this every three months until they tell you to stop – you never know what they are looking for.  Also, if you are one of those holding out for Playmate and nothing less, I suggest you skip the casting and move straight to this step, but that is only my completely uniformed guess.  The pictures you send in should look something like this:

The important parts:  Naked.  In Heels. Showing a range of expressions – smiley face and sexy face being the two important ones.  A full body shot, a headshot, a shot from behind.  And lastly – these photos are NOT  RETOUCHED.  This is important.  Flip through a Playboy SE Magazine.  Minimal retouching is applied.  If you have a wonky boob, love handles, tattoos, etc and attempt to fix your images, they may decide to hire you.  You will show up for work, they will notice these characteristics that were not apparent in your submission photos, and send you home.  MISSING from this series of photos is a full frontal nude shot.  They need to see what your boobs and hips  look like when you are directly facing (square to) the camera, so make sure to include one of those in your submission.

The best way to get these kind of pictures?  Go straight to the source.  Find a Playboy photographer in your area and see if he is interested in shooting casting shots of you.  If he shoots them he will probably just submit them directly to his editor and you don’t have to worry about sending them in yourself.   A word of warning.  There are lots of dumbasses out these claiming to be Playboy photographers.  There are only 11.  They have things like Playboy business cards.  You can see their names in the photo credit section of Playboy Special Editions or the main issue.  Getting published once in the Grapevine section of the main issue does not make a Playboy Photographer.   If in doubt?  PEI has phones just like everyone else.  Call the corporate office and ask.

To Pose or Not to Pose: If you are uncomfortable or unsure about posing nude, don’t do it.  End of story.  If you want to be a teacher, or work some other job involving children, don’t do it.  If its going to wreck your marriage, don’t do it.  If you really really really want to be a Playmate and you get offered something less, its a tough call.  Some people theorize that appearing in other forms of Playboy limit the chances of being a Playmate.  Some people have the opposite opinion.  You have consider all this and make up your own mind.  Personally, I’d love to be a Playmate, but I don’t think its going to happen for two reasons.  One, I’ve already appeared a TON in other Playboy publications.  Two, there are only 12 Playmates a year.  Even if I was perfect and photographically virginal, I’m still in large large pool of girls competing for just 12 spots.  Its a numbers game. The Special Edition and other publications, on the other hand, host hundreds of models every year.  For me, the utility in calling myself a Playboy Model has been great, so it was worth it.  If you aren’t a professional model, and the title Playboy Model is of no use to you, you might want to hold out.

Good luck – let me know how it goes!


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  1. Great information. I have had clients asking about how to make this dream a reality. Now I can at least try to help them get in the right direction.

  2. great info,i didnt know they’re not keen of girls being in other publication of playboy to become a model.


  3. Great info Jess. Thank you for sharing!

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    Adventures of a Traveling Model”, would you mind in case I start using some of
    your concepts? Thanks a lot ,Loretta

  5. “Girls Interested in Playboy Adventures of a Traveling Model” truly got myself hooked
    with your site! I actuallywill probably wind up being back again more normally.
    Thank you ,Jina

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