Pit Trap

I spent the last four days working in Columbus, which is always a great location for me.  A big thanks to The Fruity B&B, alias Cherrystone, for putting me up!

It snowed buckets while I was there.  Dallas is simply my adopted home town – previously living in places like Michigan and Upstate NY,  I’ve had signifcant experience with cold weather.  Its just never been as annoying as it was this trip!  I had a lot of driving to do, which always makes snow and ice exponentially more horrible.  But, as with all things, there was a silver lining to the tire-mocking, brake defying, windshield caking slop.
It came in the form of a photographer pulling a Houdini on me.  We were shooting at what I can only describe as a rail car museum.  (That’s trains for those of us under the age of 92.)  It was really gorgeous – cheerily painted cars from the 1800’s draped in a tablecloth of white sparkly snow.   As we moved from car to car, the groundskeeper/curator cautioned us to follow his footsteps closely, as there were perils in the yard hidden beneath the snow.  Nearing the end of the shoot, I decided to brave the temperatures and pose for a shot on the ‘back porch’ of the last car.  The photographer stepped out of the car and tried a few different spots in the yard to see which angle he liked best.  And suddenly, he disappeared!  I looked down and he was standing in a hole up to his armpits, looking very confused! The snow covered it, just like a pit trap in a Tarzan show!  Gales of laughter – only after I made sure he was okay, of course!

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