Meat and Potatoes

Meat: Traveling Nude Model

Status:  Happily well employed.  Hit me up!  I’ve been working on some projects lately that really excite me, keep watching!

Info:  Ongoing modeling experience for the last 7 years.  I’ve been hitting hard and heavy for the past two.  I pose for   photographers shooting anything from bridals to men’s magazine submissions.   You may have seen me on or in Playboy Special Editions.  I travel all over the place, and the details of my encounters will likely make a large portion of this blog.

Motto: No job to0 big or small!

Potatoes:  Neuroscience student at UT Dallas

Status:  I. Hate. School.  But I’m almost done.  You can be my cheerleader!  Duties include: demanding that I drag my scappy ass offline and log some study hours.

Info:  I’ve meandered through several degree plans at UT Dallas – Biology, Biology/Criminology double major, Chemistry, Criminology, and finally Neuroscience with a Criminology minor.  Why land there?  I’m definitely not going to med school, but Neuroscience was actually faster than Chemistry, and only 3 more hours than Criminology, based on my earned credits at my last audit.  So, its really just a numbers game weighted slightly toward academic pretention.  People ask me what I intend to do with a Neuroscience degree.  The short answer is ‘nothing’.  I’ll post the long answer later.   One last important fact:  school is what keeps me in Dallas, where I am based.  After graduation, who knows?

Motto:  Get me out of here!

Side Dishes:  Photography, Personal Relations, Ego

Photography:  I have nearly perfect teeth, the result of spending almost 3 years in braces.  At the end of my dental rehab, I firmly believe I knew more about orthodontia than the average hygienist.   The different theories factoring in to my long term care, spacers, molds, glue, wire gauges and relative tensions, tools of the trade, good bites vs. bad bites, etc etc.  At the end I was knowledgeably conversing with the doctor about my treatments.   One of my favorite things about me is my sponge like nature.  Even lacking an interest, unless otherwise occupied, I will pick up almost anything that is being conducted around me.  Photography is no exception.  In my years as a model I have worked with some of the best photographers in the world.  Of course I’m going to learn something!  Having a skill mandates an application, at least until I get bored.  I’ll post a little of that here too.

Personal Relations:  The list is short. Mom, Dad, Brother, Boyfriend, and a few close friends scattered about.  Most of them are further away than I’d like.  Occupational hazard – I meet people I really like but seldom get to see.  I don’t think I’m going to use people’s names in this blog (even if all my readers know exactly who I’m eluding to), but things might get too ambiguous.  I’ll see how it goes.

Ego:  This is a place for my thoughts and musings, no matter how inane.  Example: I love how lithe and dexterous my fingers feel after I take off my typing gloves.   I like to piss and moan about English speakers ‘taking a giant crap’ on the language, but I’ve let my own skills lapse as well.  Hopefully this will be a nice flex of long unused muscles.

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